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Dragoncon Sci Fi convention

Atlanta, Labor Day Weekend 2008

Laura Bertram from Andromeda?

Repeat after me:

Do NOT mess with the Klingons!!!

Larry Elmore: Artist extaordinaire

Kit Rae: Artist & Sword Designer

Ruth Thompson: Awesome Artist

Keith DiCandido: Author

Everyone really want to see the rest of that tat!

All the ladies love Klingons

Cuz once you go Ridged, you never go Back!

Gotta love a well armed lass!

I'll have what she's having!

Here's looking at you kid!

The lost squadron

Zombie Rebels!

Zombie Leia: Take that Jaba!

The Blushing Bride!!!

Dragoncon AfterDark

Rope Corset

Oh for a breeze right about now!

Big Smile!

I'll take every box of cookies you're selling!

Actors from Rocky Horror

The Dragoncon shaman mon!

Photos from Miss Klingon Empire 2008


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