Pictures from Dragon*Con 2009

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Shopping, People Watching and Partying

Destruction Tag Team

The Iron Sheik

Garret Wang (Voyager)



Parade thru downtown Atlanta, Shopping and Drinkin' and Carousing!

John Schnieder &

Catherine Bach

Lou Ferrigno

Feche le vache!

So Say We All!

Frak 'em all!

Steam Punkers

Live long to Conquer!

Gag Klingon Condom signed by all of the women of Star Trek!

Capt. Ko'gar loves to mutilate Red Shirts!

Klingon Karaoke




People Watching and Klingon Beauty Pageants

Ko'gar's Friend Il'ka

If doll's looked that good when we were kids we'd have all played with them!

One picture on Monday Morning!-->

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