Pictures from Dragon*Con 2010

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4 Days of Awesomeness!

Shopping, People Watching, Gaming and Partying

Jason Carter (

Marcus  Babylon 5)

Claudia Christina

(Susan Ivanova Babylon 5)

Big Smile Bill!

Ooh, Ooh!  Let me help too!

Please just a slight increase in gravity!

Does Klingon Blood taste good? Let's find out together!

The original Klingon Action Figure. Mego, 1974!


His Mord Sith gave him a work out!

Dirk Loves it when she does that!

Christi, you man could smell like him!

Thundercats, Ho!

Supporting the Arts!
Smile Big Bill!

Run, Han, Run!

Flying Spaghetti Monster!
Step three...Get her to open the box!

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