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Dragon*Con 2012

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Convention

One of the Hottest costumes at the convention

Ladies Love the Big Man!

The ladies dig the Grand Dog!

Torri Higginson (Dr. Elizabeth Weir of Stargate Atlantis)

Tony Amendola (Master Bra'tac on SG-1)

Mike and Brandon Zombie Pirates!

No Mike, you cannot get a Doctorate through zombie osmosis!

Courtney Zombie Pirate


Bite me Baybee!!!

Dirk got Mind Flayed!

What're you, some kinda Joker?!

Hello Ladies!

Disco STIG & Lady STIG

She was Really Happy to See the Ogre!

Just Overwhelmed!

The Grand Moff

The Kids as Fairies!

Spidies whole outfit was liquid latexed on!

The Ogre loves all these gal's that ate just as "horny" as he is!

An' Horny Green Ladies...Can yah think of anything finer in life?

Things that make you go "hmmm"

And the just plain weird!

Interacting with the normals is great fun!!

I wanna rock and roll all night, and party every day!

Sometimes it amazing what you'll shoot to get a really good booty shot!

Poodle cut Wookie for Dirk!

Bill the Rouge, stealin' hearts!

Gillian Anderson Looking Hot as ever!

Yup, Yup, Yup Yup, Pretty Lady!

Look, It's Will in the background!

Hi Genna!  It's good to see you too!

Every body wants a drink with Bill!

Nice Paint Job!

Steam Punk Borg!

Hello Red Sonya!!!


Lady Loki is Feeling REALLY Horny!

RJ Has his own $5 footlong deal going on!

Well that caught Jenn's Attention!

Hello Sailor! Wanna Dance?

Jay and Silent Bob

Chiana from Farscape

The Hatter!

Dragon*Con is proof positive that there are some Hot Geeks out there!

Now there's a Grin!

Even the Greek boys came out to play!

The Wraith come for you!

Blue was a strong color this year!  Go Jew-man Group!

While it may be a blaster in her pocket, I still think she was happy to see me!


We really have no idea!

Once you've seen 1 pair, you pretty much wanna see all the rest of them too!

To quote Spike, "Bite me baby!"

Sharin' the Wealth!

And now for a couple of really impressive racks!

The Ogre with Monstar from the Silverhawks!

The fellowship of the mighty flasks!

Party like you mean it!

Indeed, we are not "damn dirty apes!"

Lo Pan and the Porkchop Express!

Party On Bill!


Queens playing Process!


All Hail Zod!

Still Grinnin'  Ogre Approved!

Bebop & Rocksteady: TMNT

One Very Hot Witchblade

Political statement for the evening

Wild Bill found the other Musketeers!

This man is doing something very right!

And the rabbit pulled Him out of the hat!

Honey, we really gotta work on your stick technique!

The Ogre loves getting a little horn action!

OK, so Bill gets so wasted, he forgets meeting these girls 45 minutes earlier and starts asking them if he can get their picture...I mean, forgetting these two?!  Damn, now that's wasted!

No Honey, it's not a rocket in his pocket, he's just happy to see you!

RJ and I met a while back.  I agreed to take the beard, he kept the mustache.  However, I think this answers the question definitively: Whose got the superior flask package....That's right, Ogre's rule again!  It never did sit that will with RJ!

Now the Ogre wasn't sure at first what he thought about these lovelies tugging his tail...

But after a bit, He decided he likes a bit of tail!

In fact, He practically Glows!

Real men Hangout without their shirts on!

Mary & Jane

And our Political statement for another night!

A completely unique take on Carly Rae Jepsens, "call me maybe"

So say we all!

Lick it up!


Gotta Love the CruxShadow Fairies!


Now that's a present I wouldn't mind unwrapping!

Gotta love Body Paint!

Hello Sailor!





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