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Dragon*Con 2013

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Convention

Scott w/ Ernie Hudson

Scott w/ Traci Lords

That rare creature I thought only existed in the movies and nature books: The elusive female Wookie!!!

Dirk with a Bill

The public debut of Klingon Elvis!!!

Klingon Elvis w/ Will & Genna

My Terran Brother and Sister!

I found my Showgirl!

Yup: Sharknado!!!

Take your Daughter to the Con day!

That is one seriously hostile rodent!

Reepicheep must have tribble cousin!

While this looked like it might be fun, we decided we were likely to get into enough trouble as it was without inviting an ass whooping!

Mike the Plant man and Klingon Elvis

That's the end of the first 2 days.  What follows is the second 2 days!!!

And this is how the world ended!

Dude, take a picture!  It'll last longer!!!

Dirk found Abby at D-Con!

You never see lady Wookies off Kashyyyk and now 2 here at Dragoncon!  I am trully blessed!

Oh no!  Bone head got Dirk!!!

Shawn vs Zombie Trooper!

Look, it's Buzzkill Tony!!

You cannot believe what Robin wants to do!!!

Crazy Pagan goat boys!

The ladies love a goat man with

a Big Flask!

Look, Waldo found the Goat boy's Sister!

There's some Captain in there!

Roger, you lucky wabbit!

Bitchin' Scale mail!

Yep, she knows how to handle prince charming!






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