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Dragon*Con 2014

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Convention

We start out this year with our professionally taken photos from Froggy;'s Photo's!

<---On the left is the cast of Being Human

On the right is Defiance--->

<----Patrick Stewart

Walter Koenig----->

<---Jerri Ryan

Cast of Lost Girl--->

Some photos of us

Gigi Edgley

Katrina Laur


Caity Lotz

Kate Vernon

The CruxShadow Fairies

Diggin' on the GranDawg!

For some reason we all

were really digging the

pirate mask on the shoulder

The King love it when they tease him with with meat like that!  Make me a Samich!!

The King loves a well placed insult!

The GranDawg partyin' on!


Pam Burton (artist)



Lead singer for

The CruxShadows

Melody (Above)

Mike and Courtney

Dani (Below)


Probably my favorite pictures

Brandon as Hades


Angie Starr



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