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Mom's Funeral 2014
It happened very suddenly.  Ma was fine Thursday evening and by Friday afternoon was in the ICU.  Sepsis shut her organs down and she was gone.  Despite a 40 year career as a healer, the symptoms looked too much like the side effects of the Chemo. She never regained consciousness, and went to the Lord quietly 9:07 AM Sunday May 25, 2014.  The funeral Mass was held  Thursday the 29th of May at St. Paul's Catholic Church in Austin TX.  Ma had made so many friends in her life as a healer that in all, over 2 dozen masses were said around the world in her memory.  The funeral was attended by family, life long friends and new friends from the parish at St, Paul's.  The Link below goes to the photo's of slideshow played at the visitation, showcasing Lea's life with all of us.
As If we could have done  anything else! 

Of course Lea had a purple casket!

The flowers from Friends and Family

were a beautiful tribute

as Ma loved flowers!

She would have been pleased!

Lea's sisters: Tina and  Margret Ann

Tina and her Daughters

Tammy and Tori

  Mom's Retirement
Lea Marchek, Age 66, of Austin Tx, was taken to the lord Sunday May 25th 2014 due to complications from cancer.

Lea was born in 1947 in Houston Texas, to Margaret and Otis Stahl. Her mother and father separated early in her life and her mother and sisters raised her, though she maintained good relations with her father's side of the family. She completed High School at St. Agnes in Houston in 1965. While attending Texas Women's University in Denton, TX, she met Michael Marchek, and the two were soon wed in 1967. Lea completed her degree in Nursing in 1970, and went on to complete a 43 year nursing career spanning nearly every field of nursing specialty, from surgery to wound care, neo-natal to emergency room, bringing people into the world in maternity, and helping them leave peacefully via hospice. Lea resided in California for much of her life, making lifelong relationships in Simi Valley and Paso Robles. Later she spent many years in Evans, Georgia before returning to Texas. Lea and her husband had four children, Patrick, Scott, Amy and Steven.

 Throughout her life, Lea maintained her core Christian faith, continuing active involvement in religious worship and ministry. Through marriage encounter, crusillo, parish operations and supporting the deaconate, Lea lead a life of dedicated faith and commitment to the lord, seeking to share and grow with those around her. Lea had a creative character, learning how to knit, sew, crochet, and paint ceramics, gifts she shared with her family and friends. Her passion for the color purple was legendary, and her love of animals left her just one cat shy of the crazy cat lady! With a smiling, gracious nature she embraced life and shared joy. She showed us through living example how to be the kind of person we all aspire to be, and those who were privileged to know her are better people from it. Her one great disappointment in departing us so early is not getting to spend another twenty years with her granddaughters, watching them grow and teaching them to love life as she had.

 Lea is survived by her husband, Michael; children, Scott, Amy and Steven; along with her grandchildren, Michael, William, Elijah, Ruby and Bonnie; her sisters, Margret Anne and Tina along with their families; Mother-in-Law Norma; sister-in law, Nora and extended family complete her immediate family. However the list of friends with whom she shared the closeness of family would require dozens of pages. Lea was preceded in death by her mother Margaret; and son, Patrick.


Margret Anne and Scotty's



Lea w/ son Patrick Marchek

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