This page is dedicated to Jessie Withrow.

19 January 1980 - 4 July 2000 

I did not know Jessie very well when her life was tragically ended by a drunk driver. I met her at the Three Barons Renaissance faire in 1999.  She and her friend Gina modeled some of my products and let me have the pictures for my infant web site.  She didn't know me that well either, but she had the generosity of spirit to offer a helping hand whenever she could.  In reading the obituaries and memorials to Jessie, I discovered a person I would have loved to have known better, a person whose life enriched all who knew her.  I am putting this page together to share with everyone else the memory of this wonderful young lady. That none may forget the life she lead and what she gave to the lives of those who knew her.

In her memory, I am matching any donation sent through me in her name to Mothers Against Drunk Driver (MADD), praying that this tragedy can be spared from more families, communities and friends.  The man who killed Jessie already had his license revoked and SEVEN previous Drunken Driving Convictions -- SEVEN -- and he was on probation for a 1998 drunken driving conviction.   It is my sincere hope that all who read this and knew this wonderful woman and those who come to know her through this page, and take with them a message they share with all they know not to drink and drive and to take this to heart.  For failure to live this message KILLS our best and brightest.

I am also encouraging any of Jessie's friends to send me pictures, letters and stories to post about this wonderful young lady.

There were several memorials's I grabbed from the newspaper.  These are reposted here with permission of the Anchorage Daily News





This next piece, is a web page that Jessie put together for a school project.  I grabbed it before the school could can it, that you might know a little of her personality and sense of humor.

This next link is to another page some friends of Jessies put together to share her memory.

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